Can you Lock a Kegerator? A Guide to Beer Security

Maybe you have an outdoor kegerator or young children, or teenage children, or mooching adult children whatever the reason you have found yourself asking, can you lock a kegerator?  The answer is Yes.

You can put a lock on any draft beer dispenser or kegerator. The easiest way to secure the beer in your kegerator is to install a slide faucet lock. A faucet lock slides over the spout of the tap system and locks the tap handle in place. Another tap beer system security option is a Kegerator door lock, these locks keep your kegerator mechanical systems secure. The final way we recommend to keep your tap system safe is to install a beer line shut off valve, these valves allow you so easily stop flow from the keg to the tapper.

What Kegerator Lock should I Get?

If you have a standard draft spout we recommend the slide faucet lock. These faucet locks are cheap, easy to use and will keep your beer secure.  To use, slide the lock over the spout of the draft dispenser and tilt up, the lock will put pressure on the tap handle. Then turn the key until it sits snugly against the handle. It is recommended to turn the key until the fastener touches the handle, then give the key a half turn to secure the lock. Test the tightness of the lock by trying to pull the tapper forward.  You want the lock to be secure, but not too tight, over tightening the lock can damage the ferrule or the bottom part of the tap handle. 

slide faucet lock for kegerator

I do have to mention that all locks are keyed the same, so someone can buy a key online for $20 but unless you are fighting a beer thief mastermind a simple slide lock will keep unwanted drinkers at bay.  On a positive note, a universal key allows you to use one key to tighten all locks if you have multiple tappers.

How much does a slide faucet lock cost?

Kegerator locks are not expensive, especially when you take into account the beer you are protecting and/or the people you are keeping safe with the lock. Amazon has draft beer system slide locks ranging from $30.00 to $40.00 per lock. 

Are Slide Faucet Locks universal?

Slide faucet kegerator locks are not universal. There are 5 common draft beer spouts. A standard faucet is what comes with most kegerators. A slide faucet lock will only work on a standard US spout. You will need to know what kind of spout your draft beer system has to get the correct lock.

In addition to the standard faucet there are the Perlick 500 series and Perlick 600 series, the micromatic 304 series and the stout faucets. So what if you have one of the other spouts?  You can still lock a non-standard spout, you will just need to find the appropriate lock. Check out this quick reference image to identify the spout you have and read on to learn more.

different kinds of tap beer spouts

How do I Lock a Kegerator with a Perlick series spout?

perlick spout kegerator lock

The spouts on  Perlick 500 and 600 series spouts are too long for a standard slide lock to fit properly.  For this reason we recommend a wrap around tap lock. To use this lock you slide the lock around the shaft of the spout and then raise the lock end to the ferrule or the base of the handle. Next, use the key to tighten the lock so it touches the handle.  It is recommended that you turn it 180 degrees more to secure the lock. 

There are two different wrap around spout locks, the Wrap Around Perlick 500 series lock and the Wrap Around Perlick 600 series lock.  These locks are custom to each spout and are not interchangeable. 

how to lock a kegerator with micromatic spout

How do I lock a Kegerator with a Micromatic 304 series spout?

The spout on a micromatic 304 series is wider than a standard draft beer faucet, meaning a typical slide faucet lock would not fit correctly.  To lock your micromatic spout you will want to purchase a a micromatic 304 series lock. 

It has the same design as a standard faucet slide lock but is made to fit the wider spout. Each lock is keyed the same allowing you to use one key for multiple tap locks easily.

How to lock a stout faucet kegerator

How do I lock a kegerator with a Stout Faucet Spout?

The spout of a stout faucet is unlike any other spout available.  The downward facing faucet sets it apart and means that it needs a unique faucet lock. The stout faucet beer lock is easy to use and will cost you about $40. However you will need to purchase a padlock, or keyed lock separately.  

To use, slide the stopper into the faucet and slide the metal arms around the tap handle.  Next use your lock to secure the kegerator lock in place.

Other types of Kegerator Security

Other security options for your kegerator include door locks or a beer line shut off valve.  Adding a door lock to your kegerator keeps others from messing with the keg, c02 or other mechanics of your tap beer system, it also keeps your keg itself secure from theft.  A beer line shut off valve allows you to shut off beer to the tapper.  A quick switch of a valve and no more beer will run to the tap. 

Kegerator Door Locks

If you are trying to keep small children from playing inside your kegerator unit you can use a simple child safety strap.  These straps from 3M are used to keep cabinets, dishwashers, toilets and drawers shut, and work great at keeping kids out of places they should not be. 

kegerator door lock

If you want to keep kids out this is a cheap and simple solution. You can get a pack of 4 on amazon for under $10.

If you are interested in keeping your kegerator system secure from adults you will need a little higher security.  In this case we recommend a refrigerator door lock by 3M.

These locks are typically used in hospitals and schools to keep medication secure, proving it has a reputation of quality. The lock is made of brass and uses the strongest 3M VHB tape to make installation permanent, also included is a Master Lock brand padlock.

beer line shutoff valves

Install a Beer line shut off Valves

If you prefer to shut off the beer directly from the keg you can purchase a beer line shut off valve.  These units allow you to quickly shut off flow from the keg with the turn of a lever. It works like turning off the water to a sink. Turn the knob and beer will no longer flow from the source.

The shut off valve costs less than $40, installs easily and is simple to use. In addition to beer security, a shut off valve allows you to turn off flow when you want to clean the tap lines. 


Whether you are trying to keep your outdoor draft beer system secure or you are trying to keep your mooching family members away from your brew, a tap lock is an easy way to keep your beer safe.  To keep your beer secure we recommend a faucet lock. These units lock the tap handle in place by putting pressure on the ferrule or the base of the tap handle. The slide locks are not universal, there are different locks specific to different spouts. The slide locks are fairly inexpensive, easy to install and keep your brew out of unwelcome hands.

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