About Us

Hello! We are Matt and Janelle Vogel, beer lovers and keg-guru.com founders. We have dabbled in brewing beer but have found that we don’t like to make it as much as we like to drink it.

Matt has worked in the tap beer industry for over 10 years. Currently he is the man in charge of tap beer at a local bar in Stoughton WI where he manages a 40 tap line system. Weekly he works with distributors and brewery reps to provide the best beer experience for his customers. In addition to ordering and maintaining beer supplies, Matt makes sure his tap system is well cared for. He along with a buddy thoroughly clean all the lines and mechanicals of the immense system every two weeks.

When we decided that we wanted to have an in home tap system we started doing some research. We did not find a good source of information for beginners in the kegerator world. So we decided to share with you the information we found along our journey. Keg-Guru.com is dedicated to beer lovers who are looking for answers to common kegerator and tap beer questions.

Do you have a question you can not find the answer to? Email us! We are happy to answer any questions you may have!


Matt & Janelle Vogel