What size mini fridge for a Kegerator?

what size fridge for kegerator

You will need at least a 3.2 cubic foot mini fridge for a kegerator. A 3.2 cubic foot kegerator will fit one sixth barrel or slim quarter barrel. That being said, if you want to have more than one tap line, or a larger keg you will need to consider your options. Things to keep … Read more

Can you Lock a Kegerator? A Guide to Beer Security

Maybe you have an outdoor kegerator or young children, or teenage children, or mooching adult children whatever the reason you have found yourself asking, can you lock a kegerator?  The answer is Yes. You can put a lock on any draft beer dispenser or kegerator. The easiest way to secure the beer in your kegerator … Read more

The Cost to own a Kegerator: Annual Expense Breakdown

After the initial purchase of a kegerator and a keg there is little cost to maintain the unit. The average cost to maintain a kegerator is $113.00 annually. These costs include monthly line cleaning, co2 refills, and expected electricity costs. Below is a breakdown of the annual costs. How much does it cost to clean … Read more